Mommy (or Daddy) and Me Music Class/Friday morning social hour!

October 7, 2019


Okay—this class is just so much fun!

Harrison (3 months) sits in Mom’s lap and just stares at me the whole time... I don’t think i have every had a more dedicated fan. 

Stevie (my 11 month daughter) LOVES the instruments. She also loves EATING the instruments, but that is okay. 

Then Daniella (2 years old) sits with her Dad, and participates 150% with every song, rhyme, instrument, and movement! 

Then Jacob just MOVES! He is singing, banging, dancing, running, and just loving playing and exploring with music and all of the many fun instruments that I bring to class. 

We are having so much fun, and hope that you will join us—embracing the many benefits of music class with your dear one. 

After class we chat and drink coffee (or water!) and just relax a little on a Friday Morning/afternoon while the little ones play.

It’s time to join our Friday music club :).