Practice Tips, Parent to Parent!

February 27, 2020

By Sara Vencill

Dear Parents, 

I want to share with you a few practice tips that I have gathered from my experience as a music teacher and also as a mother of two beginning piano students.

  • Expect screaming, crying, complaining, yelling, and banging... this is absolutely normal and unavoidable! Music lessons are extremely rewarding but also a hard discipline, and even the most musically-inclined children will resist practicing from time to time.
  • Keep practice SHORT, but DAILY (maybe pick two days/week to take off)
  • Attach practice to a part of your childrens' daily routine. Example: home from school, snack, homework, piano practice, then free time. Practice could be attached to any part of the daily routine. Some families prefer to attach practice time to their morning routine. 
  • Rewards are great! I give my girls a chocolate after practice :)
  • Please sit in for the last 5-10 minutes of your child's lesson. This will give you a detailed understanding for what they should be practicing. 

Learning an instrument is a gift for life... they will thank you later!


Sara Vencill: Mother of three children: Rita (9), June (7), and Stevie (1.5)